One Crazy Sexual Night

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Leilani is at her young lovers house, naked in his bed, giving him a blow job when another woman walks in. What the hell? Is he playing around on Leilani? Jake convinces Sally to stay and make it a threesome. They are enjoying wild sex with each other. No one notices the fourth person enter the room. He watches them in curiosity but continues with his main purpose, robbing them. The burglar is amused and can’t believe they are so into the sex they don’t see him. Will they notice if he joins them? He slips in and no one notices the extra dick. He gives Sally a creampie and it’s not until Leilani is cleaning Sally off his cock that she realizes Jake just gave her a creampie .. who the hell are you she asks. As he gathers his clothes and heads out the door he says .. I’m the Puzzy Bandit!

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